Our Approach

Everyone's journey is different, so are our needs. You may need a confidence boost or have no problem facing the crowd. We all need different things at different stages in life be it starting a new job, changing careers, starting a family, launching out to business. Whatever you need, we can find the right tool, resource or support to help you navigate through the season.

Our Story

Through life's journey, we find ourselves in uncharted waters. Often times, it can be a difficult ride paddling alone and along the way we need someone who can help us paddle through the stormy sea.

We launched a business with little or no guidance. We longed for someone who could direct us, show us the ropes, give us wisdom but we found no one who had walked the path we were walking. We got there in the end but we strongly believe we would have gotten there sooner if we had someone to show us the way. Life can be challenging, difficult or confusing but it is much better when we go through it with borrowed foresight.

Through our experience, we realised good role models are hard to find. And many potential role models do not see the diamond in themselves. We have decided to do something about it. We want to help people become the role models they wished they had and help those seeking role models find that which they need. We must become the light we wished we had in our darkest hour.

We want to give back, share and support others. That way, we help build a less broken world

Meet the Team

We are a team of professionals, entrepreneurs and students with various experiences and life lessons to offer. Our team is made up of our founders and contributors who play in role in bring you the best articles, resources and programmes


Founder & CEO

Vese is a Chartered Engineer and Strategy Lead at a Utility company. She graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management and was awarded the IET Engineering Degree Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Alevels. She is a co-founder at DVees and an avid baker. She is passionate about empowerment, justice and equality. She has a desire to see everyone find and flourish in their "sweet spot"


Chief Development Officer

Voke is a trained medical doctor and qualified counsellor. She completed her medical degree at Barts and The London in 2006 and has seen worked with the NHS. She is the founder of Marriage Masters; dedicated to building strong marriages and is a Co-founder at DVees. She is passionate about self development and continually seeks ways to build new skills


Co-Founder & Vice President

Vona is a Chartered Accountant and Director at a Property Investment Management firm. Vona graduated from University of Bristol at the age of 20 with a BSc in Accounting and Management and started her career as an auditor with KPMG. She is a co-founder at DVees; a food and drinks company. She loves food and is passionate about what she calls "the balanced view", and inspiring young women to flourish in the corporate world


Chief Talent Officer

Vome is an author and published her first book; Everyone deserves to sparkle, launched January 2017. She has a 1st class degree in Chemical Engineering  from University College London (UCL) and was awared the IChemE 2016 Young Engineer Award. She started her career as a consultant at Deloitte and has recently gone back to academia to pursue a PhD. She is the founder of the 'Sparkle Movement' and a co-founder at DVees

Our Contributors

We work with a number of collaborators who have walked a path and come out stronger. They will share their experiences, life lessons and guidelines to encourage us to become our best selves.

Next Steps...

Need a mentor? Want to mentor? Require both? Sign up to our mentoring database and we would do our best to pair you up with the right person